The Ficus Lyrata

Also known as the Fiddle leaf fig, this plant is one of the easiest and most rewarding houseplants. Having large leaves that enhance any space, the Ficus Lyrata is a popular houseplant around the world. This plant even gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of garden merit. 

Originating from the Western African Coast, It is part of the mulberry and fig species. 


Caring for this plant does take some patients. We have heard from many customers and retail partners about the troubles of caring for a fiddle leaf fig, so we have partnered with an expert. Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource is the one website to learn about caring for the ficus lyrata (Fiddle leaf fig).


We also offer the best fiddle leaf fig fertilizer. Use the custom formula blend of the high-quality minerals and oils that will help you fiddle leaf fig thrive!



Posted May 13th at 11:13pm