What's inside?

Choose from either a box of indoor potted plants, air plants, or succulents. We have a premium box too!

$12 House Plant Box 


Potted Houseplant, Air Plants, or Succulents

1 x Care / Description Card 

Surprise Gifts Included Some Months


Premium boxes now available 

With the increased popularity in the $12 Montly House Plant box, we wanted to give customers access to a monthly box that comes with a larger collection of house plants in a simple package. 

Now introducing the $30/month Premium House Plant Box with more plants and accessories.


Office Pack Boxes for large spaces

To cater to larger spaces, House Plant Box now offers the Office Pack Box. Each box will include a large bundle of house plants. (up to 20 potted house plants) and accessories. 

Boxes start from $90/month


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100% Money Back Guarantee

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