Healthy House Plants in a simple monthly box.

Subscriptions starting at $12

Subscribe, starting at $12 a month.

Each month we will ship you indoor house plants with a description and care instructions.

Your first box ships immediately. 

Once you subscribe, we ship out the first months box immediately. The following boxes ship out the 2nd week of each month.

Enjoy a new plant every month.

With thousands of species available, expect to enjoy unique and in-season plants.

Share the joy of plants with friends

Grow you home garden, add plants around the house, or give them out as gifts.

What is the House Plant Box?

A custom crafted house plant box shipped monthly to subscribers.

Every month in-season house plants are choosen from our greenhouses to be delivered to customers. 

Some months will include random surprises in the boxes. Accessories like plant fertilizer, planters, glass terrariums, and display stands will be randomly included. 

Subscription Boxes

Indoor House Plant Box

Potted plants in 3"-6" pots

Air Plant Box

Air Plants from 1"-12"

Succulent Box

Succulents from 2"-4" pots

What's inside the box?

Each month receive a potted plant, succulent, or air plant. With thousands of different species available, only the freshest in-season plants are shipped to you.


What people say about House Plant Box.

"Amazingly quick, plants were packaged really nicely and came in great condition. The plants sent to me were gorgeous"

Maria - Austin, TX

"Just got my first box today and I love it . The plant was in great condition. I can't wait for next month's box"

Laura - Seattle, WA

"I got this subscription box as a present for my mom for Mother's Day. She absolutely loved it, and she can't wait to get more."

Ashley - Raleigh, NC